Introducing Vivi Media

Established in Beloit Wisconsin Vivi Media provides a range of multi-media services for individuals, groups, and businesses.


Vivi media wants to assist you with your next media project. Let’s start with Podcasting. In the age of information, podcasting continues to grow in popularity as a way for people to communicate just about anything. Better explained: Podcasts are an easy way for you to receive audio files. They can be downloaded to your computer or any device that can store MP3 formats, such as an iPod or other portable media player. That means you can listen to the podcast at your convenience, anywhere or anytime. Vivi Media will help you create and publish your podcast to friends and audiences across the web.


Podcasting is one option to reach audiences on the web, another is DJing or hosting an online radio show. Vivi Media hosts it’s own online radio station at¬†, featuring the latest Vivi Media projects as well as other music and related content from Beloit Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

Vivi Media also offers live event streaming for special events.

Vivi Media works with adults and youth to pursue unique media endeavors.  Contact Vivi Media to learn more!

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