Vivi Podcast Editing Services

Vivi Media understands podcasting often requires audio editing to get each episode ready for publishing to the web and social media. Check out Vivi’s editing services with the latest episode of Open Pitch a new podcast from Kubb United Inc.

To learn more about the game visit

What’s happening in Kubb? Find out on our 7th podcast as Dobbie, The Beast, and Fitz discuss topics like tournaments in June, brackets for US Nationals, The US Kubb Open 2017, answer a mailbag question and several other interesting topics.

This broadcast was developed with support from the Visit Beloit J.E.T. Tourism Grant and edited by Vivi Media. Check out Vivi Media if you are interested in starting your own podcast (on any topic), internet radio or various other multimedia services.…/open-pitch-podcast-episode-7-wh…

Note that the name of the podcast has been changed to the Open Pitch from Kubb Talk.

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